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>Ian - The original Whipf's was from Dr. Louise Whipf, Vet. Path. Lab., 
>Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison, WI.  I do not have a year on that.  However, 
>I do have the procedure.  I got this procedure from Battelle NE Marine 
>Research Laboratory, Standard Operating Procedures for Histology 
>Laboratories, 5-028-02, pp. 14-16.
>I have printed the procedure here, because I have had such trouble sending 
>         Best of luck.  How is the weather in Wales?  I am still trying to 
> figure out how I can get there and see all the old castles.
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         Many thanks for the technique, I'll be trying it right away. Now, 
what's all this Wales stuff. I might be a Celt, but Wales, all Tom Jones, 
Russ Allison and sheep. Move a wee bit north, Scotland, that's where you 
want to come. Castles, we have real castles. Only problem, the weather, 
like my wallet (bill fold) a bleak miserable place.

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