Flooring surfaces in Histology

From:Amos Brooks <atbrooks@snet.net>

    A comment on the runners or carpets or mesh rubber flooring. I would
be concerned with spills other than that of paraffin. If someone spilled
a chemical like formalin or xylene or a biohazardous material like a
specimen jar, there would be an added step in the cleanup. Also if there
is a spill who gets to clean out the flooring that is picked up. You
can't very well have a regular industrial cleaner take care of it. They
are not and need not be qualified to deal with such chemicals. And to
dispose of a mat each time something is spilled on it would be cost
prohibitive, yet you could not simply let them lay on the ground until
enough spills made it "cost effective to dispose of".
    I would also caution you to consider if a small piece of tissue is
dropped while embedding. With a normal linoleum floor it is easier to
see the dropped piece. The mesh floors can trap a piece if tissue mixing
it in with the rest of the crud that inevitably accumulates there (in
spite of vacuuming attempts).
    Finally I have seen a lab that has gotten these mats before and
after installation. The lab actually looked dirtier with the mats
because of the debris that was picked up in the crevices.
Amos Brooks

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