Breast Fixation

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Hi HistoNetters

Priscilla <> asked if microwave fixation might be
useful to speed up breast fixation.  Although breast tissue can be fixed in
a microwave, this is not the ideal application for a microwave device (as
anyone who has tried to cook any fatty food in a microwave oven can
attest).  Most fats and oils do not take up microwave energy.  Tissue with
a high lipid content poses a particular problem for laboratory microwaves,
particularly if it is not grossed into sufficiently thin (4mm or less)

I have to concur with Bob Richmond that nothing will substitute in such
cases for appropriate fixation.  In a real emergency, an alcoholic
fixative, like Microfix, which fixes and dedydrates at the same time, will
speed up the process, but it will not retain formalin-like morphology.

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Steven Slap

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