mouse knee joint tissue/cytokine

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From:Gayle Callis <> (by way of histonet)
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If you can get away from having to do frozen sections on bone, it will
be much easier.  Here is a reference for you, and IHC for cytokines
is very difficult, to say the least.

Hersmann GH et al, Experssion of cell adhesion molecules and cyotkines in
murine antigen-induced arthritis,, Cell Adhesion and Communication
1998 (6(1):69-82)

They did frozens, probably a necessity for IL4 and many other cytokines.
some murine cell surface markers do not withstand formalin fixation
or decalcification which could eliminate paraffin embedding.

This article was on bone frozens, acetone fixation, saponin in buffer,
using a form of tape transfer, not the Cryojane tape transfer, but they
did get results.

Most work on murine tissue is done with formalin fixation of frozens,
saponin permeabilization, using anticytokine monoclonal antibodies, long
incubations and then the problem arises if you want to see what
cell the cytokine resides in, like a CD4 or CD8, then the formalin
fixation makes double staining more difficult, if not impossible.

Good luck,
Gayle Callis

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