crystalmount/oil red O/gentle jane slides

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From:Gayle Callis <> (by way of histonet)
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I do not know the compatibility of Oil Red O and Crystalmount, I only use
the Gentle Jane slides for lung/undecalcified bone frozens for IHC,
or Beta Gal stained whole tissue mounts. All our frozens for Oil Red O,
and in general are just mounted on Plus charge slides, we reserve the
Gentle Jane for very special protocols, not a routine everytime usage.

I do have an Oil Red O protocol that eliminates the propylene glycol
as a solvent, is very easy, reliable and less messy.

I think it is important to not use 4X coated slides, even 1 X coated
slides, we successfully use the 1/2X coated slides even for undecalcified
bone frozens, and this lessens the "bubble look" of the polymer after is
is UV  polymerized.  Tried the 4X again, and immediately went to the
1/2X coated slides.

I do not notice the polymer when I do a normal dehydration, clearing in
xylene, and a mounting media like Permount, but that is not compatible
with the oil red o.

Love my Gentle Jane for the lung and bone thought, saves us load of

Gayle Callis

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