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From:Colleen Forster <> (by way of histonet)
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A very open system that has not been mentioned is the TechMate Cap Gap
system currently offered by Ventana Medical. If you are doing resaerch
and use a variety of primaries from different species and need to match
your secondary this is a vey good stainer.

Like has been said before each one has its problems. with this
particular stainer you need to use capillary gap slides. The slides do
not lay flat but are mounted up against each other and put into a holder
that moves the slides to and from each reagent. after each step is
complete the arm moves the slides to an absorbent pad and drains them
and then continues on to the next step. You are able to run 120 slides
at one time with the model available. This stainer also allows you to
program your own protocols or modify one you already have for a single

You can add heat to your primary by simply placing the basket into a
moist chamber and putting the chamber into an incubator or do
flouresence by placing the basket into the chamber and putting the lid
on. When the incubation time is about 1 min from done place the basket
back onto the stainer and the run will continue.

I have been using this system for the past 6 years and would not trade
it for another on the market. My flexibility and options are endless. I
know there are others out there who like their cap gap systems because
they had seminars at the NSH this year using this very system.

Make sure you explore all your options and don't let a sales person
convince you that a particular one is the one for you until you feel
sure that it is !!!

Colleen Forster
U of MN, Dept. of Neurology

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