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From:"Kathy Oprea" <> (by way of histonet)
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Like Colleen Forster, we have a TechMate automated immunostainer in
our lab. We have enjoyed using it for 3.5 years with no problems!!
From time to time if someone needs an immuno stain done on tissue
that is not on a probe on slide (specifically made for capillary
action) there are slides available that can be used to compensate for
the gap necessaary for reagents to wick up. As Colleen says this
stainer offers unlimited variables that allows us to run several
antibodies and at least 2 different protocals at once. Not everyone
likes the capillary action, so be sure to demo it several weeks with
different types of tissue to make sure this is right for you! Our
Techmate was installed in April of 1996 by Jennifer Rodgers. She was
wonderful, knew the stainer well, and offered invaluable tips that
are not found in the manual.

Wishing you all a very happy Thanksgiving holiday!!
                Thank you
 Kathy Oprea
 University of Georgia
 College of Veterinary Medicine
 Athens, GA 30602-7388
The worker who's never said "Thank
God it's Friday," probably never
really worked.

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