Re animal tissue

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From:Jo-Ann Bader <> (by way of histonet)
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Hi to all,

I have been very interested in the on going  discussion  about the animal
tissue.  I have posted a few messages myself concerning problems with
rodent tissue, and I am always surprised at the vast differences in
protocals.  I realise that much of it is dependant on size of specimen,
automatic verses hand  processing and so on.  After working on human tissue
for more than 20 years taking on animal tissue was a humbeling experience.
I would just love to be able to get  the whole bunch of histotechnologist
primarily working with animal tissue together to hash out all the why, hows
and whatevers.  I certainly would like to be able to share my limited
experience with others and get new found wisdom from the more experienced.

Jo-Ann Bader

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