Re: jaw joint disks

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From:Mary Stevens <> (by way of histonet)
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Hi Trish,

Are these specimens processed for paraffin or other?  Were they stored,
frozen at -20 prior to biomechanics? If so, under what conditions? and for
how long?


>>> "P. Emry" <> - 11/15/1999 4:20 PM >>>
Hi Netters,

I have a grad student in the lab that has done a project on the jaw joint.
She took some of the disks out and processed them into slides, they worked

Now she is cutting the disks she had pulled apart testing
their properties in an instrom instrument.  She processed those the
same as the others and has found that they are much harder, they leave
holes as she cuts them, and sound like "bone" as she sections them.

When she had them in the instrom, as they broke, the fluid in the
disks weeped out. The blocks have a white dried-out look.

Could you(s) give us some advice in reprocessing or what ever is
appropriate to do at this point?  This is a critical part of the project
so we would appreciate some information on how to rescue these specimens.


U of Washington, Seattle

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