Re: crystalmount removal from slides

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From:"Jamie Erickson" <> (by way of histonet)
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            in the data sheet sent with crystalmount it states that once
you have put crystalmount on the slide and it hardens you can then
coverslip it with something like permount. That being said you might have
to put it in xylene first to get off the coverslips then into water to
remove the crystalmount.

hope it helps

Jamie Erickson

>>> <> 11/18 5:31 PM >>>
     Help please.  I have to remove some coverslips from slides that were
slipped with the crystalmount media.  I have put them in warm water and
placed them in my 58 degree oven but it has been three days now and the
coverglass is as tight as when I put them in there.  Is there another way
to remove this water based mounting media??  My pathologist is getting
impatient and wants the slides back.   Thanks if anyone knows the answer.
Karen Dulany HTL (ASCP)
Eppley Institute for Cancer Research
Omaha, NE

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