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From:Amos Brooks <> (by way of histonet)
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Hello Angeline,
    When picking an autostainer, there are a number of variables to consider.
Volume is one of the biggest concerns. The DAKO autostainer handles large
volumes very efficiently, much better than most.
    All systems have their own inherent problems. Try not to get roped into a
system that "is optimized" for only one detection kit, versatility is an asset.
DAKO does well here. You can use various templates and change the number of
steps used.
    If you use a slide etcher to label slides (like the TBS) though, you may
experience some slide breakage on occasion. There is no way to use heat in the
protocols while the slides are on the stainer. (I hope they remedy that soon)
    A big upshot to the DAKO is that it is easy to learn, you could train a
monkey to use it. The company is usually quite efficient in repairs when
They also worked hard with us to optimize our tests.
    Research each company well and you will do fine. Good luck
Amos Brooks
Angeline Meadows wrote:

> Hello fellow netters!
> We are in the market for an automated stainer and would appreciate any
> feedback from those of you who are familiar with either the Biogenex and/or
> DAKO units.  I work in a research lab - primarily with animal tissues.  Most
> of my protocols are personally designed and often altered to adjust for dual
> labeling.   I do a lot of fluorescent detection but want the option to use
> chromagens when applicable.  I need a system that is very versatile and can
> run several different programs at one time.  Any advice in making this major
> investment would be wonderful!
> Thank you,
> Angeline Meadows
> Medical College of Georgia
> Cell Biology and Anatomy Dept.
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