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Dr. Wilhelm
Having now gone into my eight year of Immunostaining, both by hand and
semi-automated ,to complete automation,flourescent, Dab, Alk phos red, and
doublestaining,I can tell you that automation whichever kind you choose is
superior, you still need a good Tech to work those antibodies up though. I
have used the Biogenix, time consuming , the St5050 neat little package, easy
to use Temp control, open format for reagents and antibodies,The ventana Es,
nexes and Gen 2,
the Es is complete no temp control , confined to Ventana detection,nexes is
modular, more Temp control with special acess code, still confined to their
detection, Gen 2 off the market. It is truly your labs need and time
constraints that determine which stainer is for you.But, whichever you choose
you will see good results once you realize that it will take a learning curve
for your people to adjust, time everything out, and realize that antibodies
worked up by hand may now be done with some shorter incubation times, and or
may have to still be done off system, or you may have to switch clones.
   Dana Dittus
                                                        Histology Supervisor
                                                       Abington Memorial

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