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From:Barry Rittman <> (by way of histonet)
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Are you interested in specific features, such as pulp, dentinal tubules,
attached periodontal ligament,  caries, etc? Are the teeth extracted or
have they been removed with some bone. Are they complete teeth or
Processing including decalcification will affect some of the individual
features that you can demonstrate.
Teeth will cut after simple decalcification but would recommend sodium
formate formic acid decalcification (or EDTA if you are not going to
retire soon). Processing, sectioning and mounting of sections also
different. Have processed lots of teeth, will be happy to help.
Call me or email.

Bert Dotson wrote:

> We have a request to routine process some teeth. This is not in our
> usual line of work. Will they cut after simple decalcification? Any
> suggestions? Thanx.
> ----------------------
> Bert Dotson

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