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From:"Barry Rittman" <> (by way of histonet)
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           the Spalteholtz technique has many variations the most popular being
the Dawsin technique.
The recent comments re injection of india ink and of latex to demonstrate blood
vessels will show many vessels and cerationly the ones on the outside of these
tissues. However  unless the tissue is demineralized (following injection and
fixation) then the vessels within the bone and teeth will not be clearly seen.
This is especially true of teeth where the enamel and dentin are highly
mineralized. We have used a 1% nitric acid solution for demineralization of
large blocks of injected tissues. Following this, washing, refixing, and then
dehydration. Instead of using methyl benzoate can use methyl salicylate (oil of
wintergreen) and store for extended periods of time in this. Blocks can be cut
into thinner slices and if required these thinner slices can be examined or
processed to paraffin wax and sectioned.
This has been used extensively to study the microvasculature in the pulp and
the gingiva.


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