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Dear Sue,

> Help!  Does anyone out there in Histo Land know of a written guide for
> first time presentors?  I am contemplating giving a short lecture in Nov
> 2000 at the annual Mohs conference in Denver.  Save for extreme stage
> fright and no experience speaking to large groups of people I would just
> plough through this challenge except I am one of those types who is never
> too prepared for anything.  Any suggestions, ideas, etc would be
> appreciated. Also how does one go about making overheads from notes?
> Thanks in advance.

Some hints:
1.	Every one gets nervous. Its normal. If you don't you are probably
dead!!! Nerves also sharpen your performance.
2.	You can use several graphics programs like Powerpoint or Harvard
Graphics. After composing your slides copy them to a disk and take
them to your Illustrations department to convert them to slides. OR
print them out on overhead transparency sheets.
3.	Keep the slides simple - max 7 lines. Graphs again simple - too
many lines, numbers etc send people to sleep. Tables are probably
best presented as graphs.
4.	Never use yellow writing on white or red writing on blue. Too hard
to see.
5.	Make sure that you have a good conclusion slide. Hit them with a
punch line.
6.	Watch your time, never talk too long.
7.	Remember, before you open your mouth take a deep breath, think " I
can do this", and remember every one of your audience is your friend
and feels as nervous as you. They hope you do well and they are
thankful that it is not them that is up there behind the podium.
Entertain them, never feel foolish and you will get there.

Hope this helps,
Tony Henwood
Senior Scientist
Anatomical Pathology
Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

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