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From:"Patricia Karlisch" <> (by way of histonet)
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We have a loaner Leica coverslipper and had huge problems with it.  Our
sales rep was less than helpful.   Our service rep finally made a few minor
adjustments and the Leica has been working wonderfully since.  Are you
using any adaptors for your slides (Sakura, Shandon etc.)  Maybe you need
to call Leica and have them send you a knowledgeable rep.  Leica  is
willing to work with you and they have a good product. We went about 2
months working with the coverslipper with our sales rep basically putting
the blame on us for not using the coverslipper correctly.  Eventually we
stopped using the coverslipper altogether.   Luckily, a third party put in
a call for us to Leica for immediate action and  the problem was fixed.
This was a call that should have been made by the sales rep right from the
beginning.  Good luck!  Pat

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Does anyone have a Leica coverslipper?  We can't get one to work properly.
Since we purchased it, we've gone through 2 machines & 1 loaner.  Our third
one is on the way.  I would appreciate any responses.


Lisa S.

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