Re: Immuno problems and alternative fixatives

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Rande Kline
11/24/99 09:39 AM

To:   Neal Goldstein <>
Subject:  Re: Immuno problems and alternative fixatives


The problem I see with using non-formalin fixatives with procedures stating
formalin-fixed is probably from a manufacturers point of view and a technical
service person's point of view.  I just want to throw some more
conversation out

The release testing of the antibodies and kits would only be performed with the
fixative recommended by the manufacturer.  If you have a problem with an
antibody or kit, it would be hard for them to trouble-shoot the problem being
the product is not released or tested with the substitute.  Hence, they would
not be able to guarantee the quality because the recommended fixative has been
deviated from. This would make it hard to determine from both the user end and
the manufacturer end what the problem really is.  That is why it is
important to
follow manufacturers recommendations.

I'm not saying don't use subsitutes or they won't work. But if a problem does
occur, you will need to call the manufacturer of the formalin sustitutes for
their recommendations on these applications before you call the antibody

Rande Kline, HT (ASCP)

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