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From:"Sarah Christo" <> (by way of histonet)
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Dear Peter,
   It is 64% humidity in our lab today.  We are usually hot and steamy here
in East Texas but since we are 16 inches below in rainfall this year we
aren't quite as steamy.  Sarah

Sarah Christo, HT (ASCP)
Texas A&M University
College of Veterinary Medicine
Dept. of Vet. Anatomy & Public Health
Histology Laboratory
College Station, TX  77868-4458
phone (409) 845-3177
fax (409) 847-8981

>>> "Peter A. Takes" <> 11/16 2:15 PM >>>
 For those who track this sort of thing, I was wondering what the
average laboratory (histology and non-histology) humidity levels are in
the hospital environment.  Obviously, there will likely be some
geographic differences.  If you have this type of information, it would
be helpful.


Peter A. Takes, Ph.D., RAC
Director, Clinical & Regulatory Affairs
Ph. 1-314-615-6964; Pager 1-314-841-9351

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