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	Dear Carla,

	I tried Histochoice fixative about 2 or 3 years ago on various animal
tissues (processed to paraffin).  The results were quite simply horrid.
The architecture of the tissues was grossly distorted.  I used it on GFP
treated tissues (ie fixed then examined, not processed) & the GFP was
bleached out of existance.  I seem to think there was something odd about
the routine histochemical staining too.  The vendors advertising blurb
promised vivid staining, it was, but something didn't look right.  Its
supposed to work without the need for a buffer I tried it neat, diluted in
water, & diluted in buffer, nothing improved the results.  Anyway I gave up
& went back to what I knew worked.  In all cases the tissue looked like
most of the fixation had occured during the ethanol stages of the
processing cycle.

	I will say that another group were using Histochoice to fix mouse
skin for
some research they were doing, & it provided them with a much better immuno
signal than formalin fixation, the architecture of the skin was still
pretty poor.  They were prepared to accept the trade off, good immuno for
poor structure.

	By all means obtain a sample (usually 100 mls) & test it out, maybe it
will give you the results you want.

	My personal opinion is that you should stick to buffered formalin for
histo specimens & paraformaldehyde/glut in a good buffer for EM.


	Rob W.

>Carla Aiwohi wrote: Is anyone using/has used Histochoice tissue
>fixative produced by Amresco
>  I have received some info from the vendor but still have some
>questions for Histonetters.   Have you noticed any staining intensity
>differences in GMA-embedded tissues
>    (we use Technovit 7100) when fixed in 10% NBF or Histochoice?
>  Have you used Histochoice to fix animal tissues?
>  Have you used Histochoice for fixing tissue for electron microscopy? Any
>comments about this fixative are appreciated. Thank you very much,
>Carla Aiwohi
>Western Fisheries Research Center
>Seattle, WA
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