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> The plant source of the dye is - I think - I'm on the road, can't check
> references - spelled Haematoxylon campechianum. >

If you search the web for the various names and sources of this tree, it
becomes clear that most modern botanical references to it use Haematoxylum
as the genus name rather than Haematoxylon.  The PROSEA handbook of tannin
producing plants in Asia has a very good article on the tree and references
the plant as "Haemotoxylum campechianum L".

Plant Resources of South East Asia
No. 3, Dye and tannin producing plants
Lemmens, R.H.M.J. and Wulijarni-Soetjipto, N., (Editors)
Prosea Foundation, Bogor, Indonesia.
ISBN 979-8316-03-7

Be warned, this book is quite expensive for the couple of articles relevant
to histotechnology

Bryan Llewellyn

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