Re: Clearium agent and Pentax fixative

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From:"Beckers" <> (by way of histonet)
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Hello All,

Help on these two products.  I acquired info at a conference on how
Clearium helps avoid stains fading over time vs xylene substitutes (which I
use now) and Pentax being a better fixative for cartilage.  Any info out
there on these two products and who distributes them?  Thanks in advance.
A big thank you to all the responses I got on how to prepare for oral
presentations.  We have Power Point at home and work so I can use that.  I
was wondering also how one goes about getting simple slides of tissue types
so you can show them in a projector.  I can  not make my own-are there sets
you can buy or would it be better to borrow some from the pathologists I
used to work with?  Any ideas-thanks in advance!!!

Sue Becker, HTL
Dr. MJ Mulvaney
Private Mohs Practice
Albany, NY

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