Re: Cascade Immunology Corp. re PTEN

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From:weimer <> (by way of histonet)
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There was a Cascade Immunology Corp., 91008 LaLone, Springfield OR  97478, they

have not been heard from in quite awhile.
The PTEN antibody is available from Upstate Bio, Gentex, Exalpha, Zymed, R&D
Systems, Oncogene, Santa Cruze among others. Their contact info can be forun at under 'Company Search'.
Sincere, Bob

"Terrett, Barb" wrote:

> Hi there,
> I am posting a question for a friend who is not on the histonet. He is
> looking for the phone number or email address of a company called Cascade
> Immunology Corp. He is actually trying to find a supplier for the Ab PTEN.
> Does anyone out there have experience with this Ab, know of a supplier for
> it , or have the numbers for Cascade? Thanks very much for your help.
> b
> p.s. it is nice to be back. I have been able to "hear" you for some time but
> unable to "speak out". Likely due to some computer changes at this end!

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