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Dear Carol,
   We are all in a state of shock today with the terrible tragedy that
happened at 2:30 am today.  Four students are dead and 24 injured, an
unknown number are still trapped below the 75 feet tall log stack that
collapsed.  This is just down the street from the Vet. School were I work.
The authorities are still trying to ascertain what happened to make the
bonfire collapse.  Some parents are still not sure if their children are
safe or not since they do not have a list of students that were working on
it at the time.  They are still trying to free the trapped students and are
unsure of how many students are trapped.  There are problems removing the
logs on top of the trapped students as it is like a pile of pick-up-sticks,
every log effects another log when it is moved.  The injured are suffering
from broken bones and head trauma.  One injured student is from Tennessee.
Approximately 75 students were working on the Bonfire last night when it
collapsed.  Bonfire is an old Aggie tradition symbolizing the burning
desire of A&M to beat the University of Texas in their football game which
is played around Thanksgiving.  Please keep the families and students in
your prayers.    Sarah

Sarah Christo, HT (ASCP)
Texas A&M University
College of Veterinary Medicine
Dept. of Vet. Anatomy & Public Health
Histology Laboratory
College Station, TX  77868-4458
phone (409) 845-3177
fax (409) 847-8981

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I am writing to ask you how it is going at A & M after the events of this
morning.  I heard it on the news and of course it has been on here in Houston
this morning.  I hope everything turns out well for all.

Carol M. Johnston, HT(ASCP)
M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
1515 Holcombe Blvd. Box 62
Houston, Tx   77030

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