Re: Bone histomorphometric image analysis systems

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From:"Mary Stevens" <> (by way of histonet)
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Osteomeasure is a PC based system, as is Bioquant.  The only Mac system I
am aware of (specifically for bone histomorphometry) is/was a system
developed in the '80's called KSS Stereology.  It was upgraded several
times, through the early 90's.  However, to my knowledge (and I haven't
kept up with this program), it has not been upgraded since - and is most
likely not Y2K compatible.   Also, many of the researchers using the KSS
program have since switched to Osteomeasure.  The other possible solution
for MAC's is NIH image, which someone else suggested.  I'm sure there are
others, but these are the ones I've used.


>>> Nora Fox <nefox@leland.Stanford.EDU> - 11/17/1999 6:12 PM >>>
Does Osteomeasure (or any other program for that matter) work well on a Mac?



>I've also tried Image pro, but only on a Mac - if you use a Mac, don't
>invest in it - there were several bugs I found which the company stated
>they had no intention of fixing for Mac's.  PC version is OK - but again,
>not specific for bone - compared to the Osteomeasure system.
>>>> Linda Jenkins <> - 11/17/1999 11:11 AM >>>
>Hi, Gayle,
>	I was surprised no one mentioned the Image Pro software.  Great
>and powerful stuff! Of course, I only use about 10 of the 200 or so
>features it contains.  I think most microscope companies carry this  and
>will readily quote you prices.
>	John Tarpley might also have a few favorites in this area.
>	Happy shopping!
>	Linda
>Linda Jenkins, HT
>Clemson University
>Department of Bioengineering
>Clemson, SC

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