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From:Geoff McAuliffe <mcauliff@UMDNJ.EDU> (by way of histonet)
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Linda Jenkins wrote:

> Dear HistoNetters,
>         Now that everyone has rushed in to give tons of good websites for
> urban legends, hoaxes, chain letters, etc. - I want you to think about
> this.  What - IF - it had been true - the lady who sent the original
> message would have done us a huge favor.

    This is EXACTLY the mindset the hoaxers hope for,  "what if it is true?
I'll be helping my friends."  It is not true. There is no way it can be true.
Never. Ever. Anti-perspirants cause breast cancer and you heard it first on
the Histonet?? The New York Times, the Associated Press, the American Medical
Assn., The National Enquirer,  etc. never heard about it (or are conspiring to
keep it from us) but news of this magnitude is on the Histonet??  No chance.

> It was written in such a scientific manner ..

    Not really. Sweat glands produce sweat to cool the body (and maybe release
some pheromones), not to eliminate toxins (ever notice how many snake oil
cures claim to eliminate toxins from the body?).  What about men who use

> Just remember, if it's too scary, too easy, offers money, or
> sounds just plain weird - it usually is.

    Or if they say "be sure to forward this to all of your friends."
    Would you believe it if you saw it written on the wall of a public

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