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> Gayle Callis wrote:
> Subject: 	crystalmount/oil red O/gentle jane slides
> I do not know the compatibility of Oil Red O and Crystalmount, I only use
> the Gentle Jane slides for lung/undecalcified bone frozens for IHC,
> or Beta Gal stained whole tissue mounts. All our frozens for Oil Red O,
> and in general are just mounted on Plus charge slides, we reserve the
> Gentle Jane for very special protocols, not a routine everytime usage.
Recently we had an occasion to section some difficult tissues for fat
staining and I tried the Instrumedics system. We use Sudan IV rather than
Oil Red O and we found it worked well with the stain. We mounted the
sections using Sandon's Immu-Mount water based mounting media. They didn't
look as clean as normal slides and did show the "bubble look" appearance,
but were still readable.
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> I think it is important to not use 4X coated slides, even 1 X coated
> slides, we successfully use the 1/2X coated slides even for undecalcified
> bone frozens, and this lessens the "bubble look" of the polymer after is
> is UV  polymerized.  Tried the 4X again, and immediately went to the
> 1/2X coated slides.
I agree. We have the best results with 1/2x slides both for bone and soft

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