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I believe that you are referring to the Spalteholz technique(1911).
Excellent for demonstration of the circulatory system after injection with
colored pigments.
Success depends upon complete dehydration of the tissues, followed by
clearing in xylene( the original technique used benzene, a definite No No
today!) and replacement of the xylene with benzyl benzoate and oil of
wintergreen. the technique can be found in "Cellular Pathology Technique"
4th Ed. 1985. Culling, Allison and Barr. Butterworths. ISBN 0-407-72903-8.


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> Subject: 	Spateholtz Solution
> For demonstrating the intraosseous blood supply to the distal femur, I
> have
> come across several protocols that inject with india ink and immerse with
> "Spateholtz solution" to make the tissue transparent.  Is anyone familiar
> with this technique?  What is Spateholtz solution and where can it be
> purchased?
> Thanks in advance.
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