RE: Rapid Processing of Kidney Biopsies

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I agree with Dawn!

Take this matter into your own hands. Speak up to the Staff on this issue.
You are the Health Care provider and anything less than 5 hours turn-around
time is an infraction of patient care. Delays in IHC and Special Stains will
result from haste.

In our laboratory, the biopsies should be received no later than 9:30AM with
H&E and PAS slides out at 2:30PM (3 hour processing time), regardless of the
initial fixative or courier restrictions. Special Stains and IHC out the
following day.

I have been processing stat Transplant biopsies daily since the mid 80's. I
schedule one technician to a weekly schedule to cover this time intensive

Who knows better than you how to run your lab? Do not be intimidated...The
patient always comes FIRST!

I would be pleased to send you all of my processing procedures.

Eric C. Kellar
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

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When I was in the clinical lab world we had a short bx run that lasted
hours ( about 7 minutes in each reagent) but that was outside of the
fixation in DB.  I believe that fixation was 1 hour.  Three hours is
pushing it without using a microwave.

Dawn Truscott

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