RE: HELP!!! Bouin's fixed rat testes

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I need more information to help:
how long are you fixing them in Bouins?
how long are you rinsing them in tap water?
what are you storing them in until you process?
are your other tissues processed ok?

The most likely culprit is inadequate rinsing - we routinely rinse for at
least 20 minutes in running tap water, but longer is ok.  Then they are
stored in 70% ethanol til trimming, when they are returned to formalin with
the remainder of the tissues.  Length of time in Bouins should be no longer
than 24 hours, smaller tissues need less time (overnight).  Another thing to
try is glycerin in your block soaking solution.
good luck,
Barb Munch
Supervisor, Histo/Necropsy

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> Hello,
> Our lab is having a terrible time getting sections of bouin's
> fixed testes.  Any suggestions in the soaking time.  How to avoid
> compression and static?  Thanks for any and all suggestions.
> Linda Hauck  HT/HTL

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