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When I asked my original question, I was more concerned about Medicare
reimbursement and if they actually state a minimum charge that must be
charged?  I was told by a reference lab they had to charge a minimum amount
per specimen. They said Medicare would not let them charge less.  I was not
looking for prices for us to charge as much as how to find out what Medicare
charges are required.  I have since called Washington and they have a book
for sale for around $275.00.  I am interested in the TECHNICAL FEE for CPT
CODES 88108, 88161, and 88305.  Does anyone know what the Medicare
reimbursement is for these three CPT codes?  Thanks

Karla Carson HT/HTL (ASCP)
Regional Pathology Supervisor
Mercy Health Care Sacramento
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		Priscilla wrote:

		> In the past, I was under the impression that sharing
prices was akin to
		> price fixation and that was taboo.  I'm sure others have
had that
		> impression and is probably why people are not sharing
their prices.  Also I
		> was under the impression that different areas of the
country have
		> adjustments in pricing according to cost of living etc.

		    There is also talk (and accusations) of "price fixing"
on the Microscopy
		Soc. of America list. Often someone will ask "how much does
your lab charge for
		XY proceedure" and a few people will scream "price fixing".
I have no legal
		training but I do think some common sense is called for. We
do have free speech
		in this country, inquiring about a price  is not a crime. I
can set prices
		wherever I want for the services I provide. Furthermore, I
don't think putting
		the two together is a crime. The next time someone makes the
price fixing
		accusation I would like to see an exact quote (chapter and
verse from the penal
		code) of just what price fixing is. I suspect that the
accusers are just trying
		to supress competition.
		    I notice that a pound of ground beef costs about the
same at all of the
		supermarkets in my neighborhood. Price fixing??

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