Histochoice fixative

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From:Carla_Aiwohi@usgs.gov (Carla Aiwohi) (by way of histonet)
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Is anyone using/has used Histochoice tissue fixative produced by Amresco
(Solon, OH, USA)?  I have received some info from the vendor but still have
questions for Histonetters.

1.  Have you noticed any staining intensity differences in GMA-embedded
    (we use Technovit 7100) when fixed in 10% NBF or Histochoice?
2.  Have you used Histochoice to fix animal tissues?
3.  Have you used Histochoice for fixing tissue for electron microscopy?

Any comments about this fixative are appreciated.

Thank you very much,
Carla Aiwohi
Western Fisheries Research Center
Seattle, WA

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