Biogenex Immunostainer

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From:"Vicki L McKaughan" <> (by way of histonet)
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We are currently demoing the Biogenex Immunostainer. Today we had a problem
with the
tissue not staining at the bottom of the slide.
It sort of looked like the tissue did not get completely dewaxed.  We used
the dewax on the
instrument.  The tissue was very close to the
barrier of the slide and I thought that perhaps
this may have caused some pooling of solutions
there.  We did a manual dewaxing yesterday and
the slides were fine.  Has anyone else experienced problems with this?
Also, has anyone had a problem with inconsistent staining
due to the way the reagents are dispensed.  There appeared to be areas in
which the reagents
pooled on the slides as I was watching the
instrument dispense and run.  Any comments or
information would be greatly appreciated.

Vicki McKaughan, HT Supervisor
Camden Clark Memorial Hosptial
Parkersburg, WV  26101

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