methyl methacrylate

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From:Gayle Callis <> (by way of histonet)
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Proper storage would be in a safety cabinet, vented to outside.  MMA is very
nasty stuff, and if you store any in a refrig or cold room, IT must be
brought to room temp before using, or you will have a mess on your hands
with processing.  Water is not a good friend for bone in PMMA.

IF you smell it, you are being exposed to chemical that is bad for your
central nervous system, so be careful.  I have stored original containers
in styrofoam shipping carton, with jar still sealed in cold room, but that
should also be in a safety cabinet for truly proper storage.

If I am using a gallon jar of monomer, I will store that in a fume hood
during the usage time, but that also takes up and blocks air flow in the hood,
All waste containers are put in the hood until the goo polymerizes, but
watch out, it will blow up in glass jars, had it happen this summer, not
a pleasant surprise.  I would suggest putting the gallon glass jar of monomer
inside a bucket that is polypropylene, so if the jar breaks you have the spill
contained inside this bucket. a LARGE specimen bucket will work, available
from VWR.  My fume hood runs 24 hours a day, never turn it off when working
with PMMA, and if you turn off and pull sash down, you may still smell fumes,
that is why hood runs constantly.

I would not let this person have huge stocks of monomer, if they can keep a
gallon, use it up, or almost until you can get another shipped in, you
minimize storage/spill containment problems.  Outside PMMA projects, I make
them store their chemicals until I have to use them.  Got tough!
Gayle Callis

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