Tissue Processor-Users Survey-Summary

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From:Daniel & Linda Botsford <dl.botsford@sympatico.ca> (by way of histonet)
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LEICA- liked the remote fill and drain for changing reagents
-Tissue Tek previous models worked well, newer model did not offer
enough features for the cost
-Demo'd RMC and did not compare to the Leica
-service good little or no problems

SHANDON- Hypercenter for several years with no problems
-multi programs
-Pathcentre- Have two VIP and Four Pathcentres
-both reliable but Pathcentre gives shorter tissue processing times
because of baskets are agitated
-hated the Hypercenter
-modem hook up- on several occassions in three years the factory sent
repairmen to fix small problems they found using the remote sensor
- Love the Shandon system -very easy to use and versitile

SUKURA- VIP difficult to top
-is wonderful- several years and never any problem-easy to run and very
- it's super-6 months -very easy to use and excellent tech
support/training-used VIP, Leica,Shandon and Fisher
-for my money VIP can't be beat -used for twenty years with no
significant problem
-love VIP- 18 years old and runs like a champ
- VIP OK after put on a dedicated power supply (power surges scrambled

VENTANA- best machine on the market when it was RMC, taken over by
Ventana- slow parts delivery

Dan Botsford
Windsor Regional Hospital
Windsor, Onatrio, Canada

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