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From:lpwenk@netquest.com (Wenk, Lee & Peggy) (by way of histonet)
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Wondering if a histonetter can help a high school student?
Knowing this diverse group, I'm sure there are people
who know what he is trying to do, and could help.

I was contacted via email by a Bill Muir from Elmira, Oregon,
who is doing experiments with termites. He started last year,
testing alternative herbal extracts on termites, compared to
normal chemical termite controls. Believe it or not, he is
a high school student.

He wants to continue this year, and would like to do histology
on the termites. Of course, there is no histotechnology
training in high school, and no one who knows the histology
of termites.

He sounds like he's really into it, seeing how chemicals and
things like Pennyroyal oil and Limonene effect termites
versus insecticides. He's testing different components of
the herbal extracts as fumigants, dermatoxins and anti-feedants,
and is letting the tested termites mingle with other termites,
to test the longevity of the chemicals/herbs.

So, he's looking for two types of help:

1. Someone who knows termite histology, and possibly some
ideas of how to section and stain termites. (Probably help
with fixing and processing.)

2. Someone in the area who will let him watch how histology
is done, such as at an area hospital.

He of course would like to be taught how it is done, which
would be a nice thing to do, if someone has time.

Anyone or ones out there willing to help?

He can be reached at childedrake@hotmail.com



Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)
William Beaumont Hospital
Royal Oak, MI 48073
If you think you can help Bill,

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