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Because he is working with lung, he may be referring to the Verhoeff Elastic
Stain which incorporates Van Gieson.  There is also a Van Gieson Picric
Acid-Acid Fuchsin Stain that does not stain elastic fibers.

Rande Kline, HT (ASCP)
Technical Services
EM Science

Cynthia Tily <> on 11/02/99 05:49:01 PM

cc:    (bcc: Rande Kline/EMI/Merck)
Subject:  trichromic Van Gieson

Hello Everyone,

I have been asked by a client to perform a "trichromic Van Gieson" that he
saw referenced in an Italian paper. He is studying pleurisy in the lungs.
We are familiar with the various trichrome and Van Gieson procedures but
cannot find a reference for the above. Any ideas?

Thank you,

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