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Dear Cindy,

> I have been asked by a client to perform a "trichromic Van Gieson" that he
> saw referenced in an Italian paper. He is studying pleurisy in the lungs.
> We are familiar with the various trichrome and Van Gieson procedures but
> cannot find a reference for the above. Any ideas?
Trichrome means three colours. The traditional VG has 2 colours: Red
collagen and yellow muscle. If a nuclear stain is used then it could
be argued that a blue nucleus constitutes a trichrome stain.

Often the VG is used as a counterstain with the Verhoeff's elastic
stain. Again does this constitute a trichrome stain?

If Orcein is used to stain elastic tissue, I have successfully used a
picro-aniline blue to stain elastic tissue brown, muscle yellow and
connective tissue blue. Does this also constitute a trichrome stain?

Hope this helps
Regards . Tony
Tony Henwood
Senior Scientist
Anatomical Pathology
Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

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