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I use Surgipath "Tissue Infiltration Medium" on my VIP.  I then embed in
Fisher's "Tissue Prep II".
This combo works well for us.

Gayle Callis <> on 11/01/99 04:38:41 PM

cc:    (bcc: Lori Miller/WLGORE)
Subject:  question on a paraffin product

Has anyone used the Surgipath embedding media (part of their two paraffin
system- one for infiltration with less polymer, one for embedding with
poymer) for infiltration.  I am about to embark on this, mainly since
I have extra embedding media, a VIP processor with vacuum/pressure options,
to aid in the infiltration.

I can't think why it wouldn't work, may even improve sectioning.  Maybe
someone from Surgipath will enter discussion.  Any comments!

Gayle Callis

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