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From:Jeff Crews <> (by way of histonet)
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     We did this stain recently in bone (which was a real problem due to
     the decal removing the iron in the marrow). If you have a fine
     granular staining that overlays the tissue, that's probably
     precipitate. We had a precipitate problem when we prolonged the
     staining in bone.
        What finally worked was filtering the stain initially and at ~15
     minute intervals with a syringe and Millipore syringe filter. That
     kept down the accumulation of precipitate.
     We were doing the stain at 60C in an oven, by the way. And remember
     that you really shouldn't be seeing a lot of staining in normal tissue
     anyway. The RBC's shouldn't be reacting.

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Subject: prussian blue
Author:  Kathy Walters <> at internet
Date:    11/11/1999 3:16 PM


        I just finished a Prussian Blue stain run.  I had hardly any
staining in my liver tissue, light staining in my spleen tissue, and some
of the staining looked as though it was "over" rather than "in" the
tissues, and rather punctate.  Does any one still do this stain?  Any

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