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From:"Noreen S. Gilman" <> (by way of histonet)
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I have used it with great success as a primary fixative of breast, colon, and
very large skin excisions. I trim the section, place them in cassettes and drop
them into pen-fix for a few hours. Then put them into the VIP's and process as
usual. I do not use it on the tissue processors, though.
Noreen Gilman, HT (ASCP)
Lab. Manager
Skin & Cancer Associates wrote:

> R. Cartun,
> Pen Fix is a secondary fixative for fatty specimens like breast. The
> morphology will be significantly changed if it is used as a primary fixative.
> Fix the specimen first in formalin, then in PenFix to help work on the fat.
> Maureen

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