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Jeff, you're up my alley now...
My procedure is to cuss about the doc who submitted them, then find an
appropriate sized mold ( If you don't have molds large enough, I have used
coverslip box lids, thumb tack boxes, etc...), heat the mold as you would a
normal mold, fill with paraffin, orient sample, set onto cold plate and just as
the sample begins to chill (but while paraffin is still mostly liquid)  add a
regular sized, labelled cassette to the top of the sample (as level as
possible). Completely fill around and in the cassette with paraffin. Chill as
normal. You will have quite a bit of carving to do on this type of block, but
once the sample is released from the mold, lay it in a semi warm place to
slightly soften the paraffin, then begin to cut it down to size and scrape
around the cassette so it will seat properly. I hope this gives you what you
need to proceed. If anything wasn't clear, feel free to call.
Lori Miller

Jeff Crews <> on 11/12/99 08:36:55 AM

cc:    (bcc: Lori Miller/WLGORE)
Subject:  big honkin' samples

     Does anyone have any experience with embedding and sectioning
     large-cross-section tissues? We have some porcine vertebral samples
     that measure about  2" x 1 1/2". I can get larger cassettes for
     processing them and make some larger embedding molds, but how do you
     suggest that we clamp them in the microtome? This is the first time
     that we've had to do something this large, and I'd appreciate hearing
     from others about it. Thanks again!

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