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From:Gregory Lloyd <> (by way of histonet)
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Hi Scott,
Most processers today will be able to handle a "whole breast".  It will
depend on the times needed to process a very large specimen, if that is what
you are dealing with then I would suggest one with a form of
vaccuum/pressure and a stirrer within the retort.  It will still take a very
looooong time to process. I have to admit I'm curious as to what you will do
with the processed specimen. If you are buying it new then ask for a demo
unit to test before you buy. I've blocked a breast specimen up to 78 blocks
.... but not a full breast.    Oh well good luck.

Cameron Lloyd  MLT
Edmonton AB.  Canada

From: Scott McDonald
Hi Everyone ,
          I'm currently looking into purchasing a processing
machine , however I have found that most dont seem to have the dimensions Im
looking for . As well as ordinary blocks , I will need it for processing
whole breast . Could anybody recommend one which would have the capabilities
of this ?

Laboratory Assistant
Institute of Magnetic Resonance Research

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