Re: Neutralizing Silver Nitrate

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From:Mary Latimer <> (by way of histonet)
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Dear Tom...I do this for my silver waste on the instructions of the
chemistry dept ..what I actually do is to have a couple of old winchesters
with NaCl added to them you put the waste in the bottle this forms silver
chloride which is insoluable and if left overnight settles out you can
then decant to sink with water and recharge the bottle after a while I
guess you must do something with the bottle as it fills with silver
chloride but  this takes ages   Hope this helps Mary

 On Mon, 1 Nov 1999, HistoScientific wrote:

> Dear Netters,
> I recently visited a large histology research laboratory where they mix
> deionized salt (yes, Morton's table salt) with their Silver Nitrate
> waste and dump it down the drain.  They swear that it neutralizes the
> Silver Nitrate waste.  Is this true?  Does anyone else use this
> "protocol".  I look forward to your responses.
> Sincerely,
> Tom Galati
> Histo-Scientific Research Labs.
> 107 Killmon Road
> P.O. Box 30
> Basye, VA  22810
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> fax: (540)856-2227

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