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The only help I can give you is: make sure the formalin has ready access
to the mucosa or it'll be autolytic by the time it's fixed; slice the
whole GI tract open if you can and just fix it like that. With small
animals of that sort I don't bother cutting it up, I just put it in
whole and then select whatever parts I want to process when I'm making
the blocks.


P.S. remember to keep a 10:1 proportion of fixative to tissue!

Anupma Gupta ha escrito:

> Hello histonet users,
> I am trying to fix, embedd(paraffin) and section the
> mouse intestine - from stomach to rectum. What is the
> best procedure to do it and obtain nice sections of
> different parts of the GI track.
> I don't have a hands-on experience in it and would
> like as much details as possible.
> thank you
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