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From:"Barry Rittman" <> (by way of histonet)
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                will you tell us  please the precise purpose for this?
Is this a  general histology of the digestive tract and if so which group
of individuals is this for?  Students, colleagues, text pictures etc.
How much detail is necessary?
Are there any specific portions of the digestive tract that you are
especiallay interested in?
Do you intend to do any immunohistochemistry?
If you can provide us with this information we may be better able to help you.

Kelly Pruitt wrote:

> Do you have any text books?  Fixing tissue is something that a basic text
>book can answer.  There are a number of books on the market that explain
>this is in detail.  There are a few "bibles" that we have in our lab that
>go in to depth.  When I was studying for the registry exam I used Frieda
>Carson's book Histology a  Self instructional text.  That may not be the
>exact name of the book, but you get the idea.
> Kelly S. Pruitt HT ASCP
> >>> Anupma Gupta <> 11/02/99 03:06PM >>>
> Hello histonet users,
> I am trying to fix, embedd(paraffin) and section the
> mouse intestine - from stomach to rectum. What is the
> best procedure to do it and obtain nice sections of
> different parts of the GI track.
> I don't have a hands-on experience in it and would
> like as much details as possible.
> thank you
> Anupma Gupta, Ph.D
> Lexicon genetics
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