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CLIA generally deals with issues of QA/QI programs and monitoring. The regs
for this issue are OSHA and if I understand them correctly there are two key
concerns: 1) There must be monitoring of personnel exposure to hazardous
fumes. This does not mean regular weekly or even annual monitoring of
personnel but they must be evaluated for every activity that has potential
exposure and the results documented. Further, if a procedure changes there
should be re-evaluation of exposure levels. 2) The employer must have a
program for maintaining, monitoring and ensuring that hoods are working
properly. This usually involves some sort of flow measurement. There are no
specific performance specs BUT the program must be consistent, documented
and meet the needs of (1). We require 100CFM with hood sash at a level
commonly used when working, but I know some places specify 80 CFM. There is
a NCCLS standard for laboratory design that is readable and covers some of
these issues. I have also found that hood manufacturers/distributors can be
a good resource. Finding the actual regs can be a chore, but if you have the
detailed commentary (not the checklist itself, the commentary is usually
provided on 3.5 disk to accredited labs annually) from the CAP checklist
there are a number of questions regarding hazardous chemical exposures,
hoods and hood function in the AP and Lab general. The references for these
questions are Federal Register paragraphs. Then, you just need a kind
librarian to help you find your way around the Federal Register.

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> Dear All,
>     Okay, so either nobody knows OSHA regs, or nobody wants to share
> that info with me.  How about this.... Does anyone know where I can find
> - or get my hands on - OSHA regs which would deal with vent hood
> regulations in small medical offices?  I've decided CLIA doesn't have
> regulations regarding external vs internal venting of fume hoods.  Thank
> you, again, for your responses.

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