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We carry Hematoxylin,  certified biological stain*
Powder, Certified stain used in various formulations of Hematoxylin such as
Weigert, Harris, Gill,  and  Ehrlich.

Cat#   234/12  25gm
Cat#  234/16  100gm

*Certified by the Biological stain commission

Distributed by such company's as VWR  1-800-932-5000 in USA and Canada

Gordon Fenn
BDH/EM Science Canada

P.S. Anyone care to question the correct spelling of Haematoxylin or
Heamatoxylin ?

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Subject:  Hematoxylin

Hi, all!

Where can you order Hematoxylin powder?  Can't find it in Sigma.  Thanks.

Patti Bourassa
Pfizer, Groton

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