Re: Calretinin on cytospins revisisted

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From:Amos Brooks <> (by way of histonet)
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    Have you tried using a spray fixative by Adam's Scientific called Spray
Cyte? With most Immunocytochemistry, this preserves cellular detail very well,
and because the epitopes are not masked by formalin fixation, target retrieval
may not be necessary.
Good Luck
Amos Brooks

"Sebree Linda A." wrote:

> I know I've inquired about this subject in the past and I've tried some
> things that were suggested but I seem to have misplaced the rest of the info
> I had from Histonet.  In a nutshell, I'm trying to stain cytospins with
> calretinin.  I've tried fixing the prepared slides in PAF (picric acid
> formalin) for 3" and 10", with and without something called SedFix.  None of
> these trials seemed to work.  Can anyone out there offer any further
> suggestions?
> Thanks in advance,
> Linda A. Sebree, HT
> University of Wisconsin Hospital & Clinics
> Immunohistochemistry/In Situ Hybridization Laboratory
> D4/218-2472
> 600 Highland Avenue
> Madison, WI  53792-2472
> (608)265-6596
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