Re: Automatic staining of frozens & carpel tunnel

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In the near future I will be going from manual staining to a Linistat 15
station capacity automatic stainer.  Does anyone have experience with
setting up such a stainer for the appropriate times in stains such as a
stat H&E and a 1% Toluidine Blue?  There is a 20 second time lapse for each
station and a large well for clearing agent at the end. I had been doing
manual H&E and Tol. Blue.  We are busier and I have develpoed a bad case of
carpel tunnel syndrome in both wrists.  Also, help-any info on how to treat
such a condition without the use of surgery.  I am on 800 mg ibuprofen as
needed daily and am wearing soft wrist cloth braces when I work. would
chiropractor be helpful?  Any one gone that route?  I am scheduled to see
an ortho surgeon in two weeks.  Presently I am the only tech on board a
small private Mohs practice-surgery would be a major inconvenience for both
me and my employer.  Thanks in advance for who ever answers these ?.  I can
always count on numerous responses from this service.  Happy cutting!!! ( :
( :  ( :  ( :  ( : !

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