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From:Lynn Gardner <> (by way of histonet)
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Just in case you want to know we use it on our processor too and it works

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On 11/11/99 at 10:21 AM Noreen Gilman wrote:

>Lynn, I agree with you. I've used Pen-Fix for years with breast, colon
>and wide skin excisions with wonderful results. We just grossed the
>specimens and put them in a container on the gross table for a few
>hours. We did not use it on the tissue processor.
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>Sent: Thursday, November 11, 1999 8:54 AM
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>We used to use Pen-Fix as a primary fixative for breast and it works
>quite well actually as it contains formalin. It is nice as it retains
>the color of the tissue for photos, makes the nodes pop out so you can
>see them and the fixation allows for less times in the alcohols and
>xylenes on your processor. We have also found it to help our staining as
>it intensifies routine and special stains and is great for routine
>immuno and in situ! I am not a rep nor do I have stock in the company.
>We just really think this is great stuff!!
>Lynn Gardner, HT(ASCP)
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>On 11/10/99 at 10:31 PM wrote:
>>R. Cartun,
>>Pen Fix is a secondary fixative for fatty specimens like breast. The
>>morphology will be significantly changed if it is used as a primary
>>Fix the specimen first in formalin, then in PenFix to help work on the

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